Fashion Boundary collections are inspired by an array of things; nature, art, interiors, photography, furniture and pottery.

Our design philosophy advocates loyalty to the direct relationship between form and fashion, exploring fabrics and clothing techniques, drawing inspiration from the natural and social environment.

These colours also have a grounding effect, they’re calm and non-disruptive. We believe that these colours simplify your wardrobe and make it easy to pair with some of your more colourful or daring pieces. We find this colour palette timeless as these colours go with everything already in your wardrobe which makes these pieces staples and items you can count on again and again.  

Blog posts

From Inception to Completion

From Inception to Completion Most great creative ideas start with a plan, whether it be an architectural plan for a building or scribbling an idea on a napkin, or a written plan for a piece of written work. For fashion garments, this plan is evident in fashion illustrations.

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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes With this collection, it brought along many challenges. One of which was producing the lookbook, marketing images and campaign photographs. The Fashion Boundary team had a clear understanding of what the Pure Mirror photoshoot wanted to achieve and how it would be made possible.

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Story Behind The Collection

Story Behind The Collection Fashion Boundary capsule collection’ is a special collection of our new in-house label established in Melbourne. It’s an on-going project and allows us to collaborate with global talented designers to reinterpret and identify a new way of sustainable fashion.

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